Criminal Erase Records (Fingerprints and Eye Scan)


Criminal Erase Records (Fingerprints and Eye Scan)

Criminal Erase Records (Fingerprints and Eye Scan)

How to Remove Criminal Erase Records Online

The process for clearing a criminal record is known as expungement or record sealing.  A criminal record that has been cleared can’t be accessed by the public, and the person is legally allowed to deny that they have committed the crime.

You will be happy to know that we are a trusted agency who help you out in erase criminal records (Finger prints and eye scan).There are people who are deserving to fully contribute in society or aspire to go abroad but are unable to do because of these records.

Your good name is worth more than gold, why not clear it? HMT Documents will assist you with the process online in the comfort of your own environment without spending hours in an attorney’s office.Don’t let a criminal record prevent you from rights that you’re entitled to such as a new job, immigration/ emigration, an application for a fire-arm licence, your integrity and Good Name.

HMT Documents provides clients with the opportunity to receive measurable, cost-effective online assistance in deleting an enormous roadblock inhibiting the prosperity of an individual and the family unit that is unmatched by any other service provider in the nation.

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