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Everyone aspires for what they cannot get easily. Be it Passport, Visa approval, University Degrees or License to drive, everything is possible when you choose us. HMT Documents is a top aid agencies processing documents for those intending to travel and live overseas from all over the world with different government bodies and refugee resettlement organizations. Also, we are ideal in refugee settlement, work permits, resident permit, family resident permits in Australia, Canada, USA, Western Europe, UK, Japan etc.

HMT Documents was specifically started as tour operators and a travel agency. With leisure travel as a core business the company is also involved into corporate travel solutions and providing you with fake and real diplomas, degrees and certificates.

To travel is to live, and so we believe in at HMT Documents. We offer you the travel services - both domestic and international, also fake and real diploma, fake and real passport, counterfeit money, ssd solution for cleaning black money, fake master degree, fake and real University and High- School diploma, fake and real certificates, to a wide spectrum of satisfied and repeat guests.

Our company is known for new fresh ideas for documents and travel solutions across the globe. As the company is focused on customizing programs and tours for the client, we are flexible in our arrangements. We do our utmost to provide for our client's special interest. Influenced by the ideas, we will give you innovative suggestions for activities that can range from cultural experiences to pure adventure.

We have developed an online platform, which incorporates the best of the latest technologies, a platform that provides you with class leading experience. Our platform allows you to buy fake and real diplomas, degrees with verification, certificates. We also help you in getting approval of visas. We offer best prices, At HMT Documents, we believe that each service has to be the best.

Reliability, Punctuality, Comfort- Words that count most to you and to us. Our team is headed from sharp-minded people from services background which looks to discipline, comfort, quality and unity at work and society. By saying so HMT Documents has always excelled in providing you with best experience in fake and real world!

Our services are rendered from Mondays to Saturdays 24/7 and our documents are processed within a shortest possible time.